Peter Riesett

No introduction this time. I like this guy a lot. He has an aesthetic that I want. It's nice to see something that is so removed from the idea of appealing, whether intentionally or not, to a specific demographic. This instead, at least in my opinion, really is a sincere exploration. One that I am really jealous of, actually. I mean, this was his grandfather's apartment after his death. Shit.. I'm missing some words here...but part of what I've always aimed at in a way is dealing with given circumstances of a space and using them, or understanding them and accepting them as part of the language of the art I am making. I guess it could be seen as "working with the accident", but I like the idea of this dialog, or relinquishing total control over a piece....shit I am rambling.

What do you think?
Peter Riesett's Website
His Statement
On a side note, check out this video on YouTube.


-Toe-knee said...

Having seen some of your work, I think you are acquiring this quality. I'll finish the thought later, but you really are not too far off...but who am I to judge anyway...

jesi said...

i know you say you like this guy's work, but i think it is crap. i can see the similarities to your work and the aesthetic, but the things you are doing have a more "artful" aesthetic if i can say that. his work seems contrived. I think his artist statement is bullshit.

anywho, sorry to knock it, but eh it's only my opinion.

hydrocoil said...

Don't be sorry, baby. That's what I <3 and admire about you...your big mouth. That's why you have to come by and check out my current thing. Big mouths are hard to find. I know I usually don't have one and dance around euphemisms...unless I'm drunk, then I punch people.


Peter Riesett said...

Came across your blog last week, which I would assume was a result of seeing my work on group-show.com. I appreciate your reaction to this series and my aesthetic.

I'd like to see your work sometime. Do you have a website? Where are you located? Let me know next time your in NYC and maybe we can arrange a studio visit. Let's keep each other updated on our new work. My website should be updated shortly after the New Year...

In the meantime, take a look at these links:



hydrocoil said...


Hey, I'm out of metro detroit... don't have a website. There is a good chance that I will be in new york for a bit this spring. In any case, toss me an email. I'd love to have a chance to talk with you : izabelawroteyou(AT)gmail.com